AJC Group invites you to watch our videos, highlighting important moments for us during our nearly five decades-long journey.

AJC Group – Global Food and Logistics Provider

We are a leading marketer of refrigerated foods produced around the globe, driven by a seamless international network of the most talented professionals in our industry. For our team, suppliers, vendors, and customers, we commit to: Perform with Integrity, Build Relationships, Embrace Teamwork, Deliver Innovation, and Provide Service.

AJC International – Frozen Vegetables

AJC International caters to all major segments of the food industry with a wide variety of frozen vegetables and fruits. We can create custom programs tailored for each client, either using our own house brands or private labeling for our customers.

AJC International – Food Safety & Quality Assurance

AJC's FSQA team with in-depth knowledge of destination market preferences, works with selected suppliers to develop and manage products, packaging and programs designed to meet market needs and customer specifications; commodity, private label or AJC Group's own branded product lines.

AJC International – Global Brand Building

AJC International has five major brands: Golden Phoenix, Mity Fresh, Early Dawn, Del Campo, and Garden Maid. They are present on more than two hundred fifty SKUs in the seafood, poultry, vegetable, and French fry categories. AJC Group’s goal is to drive value for our partners. We want to build long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers who market and produce our brands.

AJC International – Global Pork Business

AJC International is a pork expert. We have been marketing pork for more than 40 years and have built our global supply base to over 160 companies who are processors, cutting plants, slaughterhouses and deboning operations. Our suppliers are located in every major producing country in the world and cover a range from the largest pork producer in the world, Smithfield Foods, to single plant operations based in the heart of Poland. From the largest to the smallest suppliers, from the smallest to largest customers, AJC is always bringing value.

AJC International – Performance Partnerships

At AJC, every business we work with we value as our partner. This includes all aspects of what we do; from our global suppliers, customers, ocean carriers and financial institutions, we want each of them to be successful. A performance partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship. We know if we perform at high levels, our business partners will as well.

AJC International – Digital Responsiveness

Our core strategy of Digital Responsiveness ensures we provide the best products and services to our customers and suppliers globally. Digital Responsiveness goes hand in hand with our core value of delivering innovation. At AJC Group, we continuously push each other to create solutions that achieve our vision and create value for our partners.

AJC International – Efficiency Empowerment

At AJC, efficiency empowerment means that we always strive to provide top quality and service to our customers and partners in the most efficient way possible while maintaining growth. If we don’t grow – they don’t grow!

AJC International – Leadership Intelligence

Leadership Intelligence is AJC’s process of collecting information, analyzing it, and using our experienced reasoning and models to come up with the best action plan for our customers and suppliers around the world. As one of the largest global marketers of refrigerated foods, we pride ourselves on having leading intelligence on our products ensuring both AJC and our partners remain leaders in the markets.

AJC International – Enterprise Growth

Our on-going and sustained growth enables our customers, suppliers and partner’s growth through new product offerings and new market destinations. We also like to grow, so our team of associates has new opportunities to pursue.

AJC International – 3P Diversification: People, Product and Place

AJC International – 3P Diversification: People, Product and Place
We are successfully providing retailers, distributors, and processors in 140 different countries one-stop shopping for their refrigerated food needs. The foresight our leaders had in the 90’s to diversify all parts of our business has been the key to our success and those of our partners.

AJC Introduction to Feed the Children

We are excited to announce that AJC Cares is in a growth mode, just like the AJC Group, and after an exhaustive process, we have chosen a global partner to expand our platform for giving back and paying it forward. We will be a global partner of Feed the Children. We chose Feed the Children because of their mission, their global footprint, and their effectiveness; they are a Better Business Bureau accredited charity and have the Platinum Seal of Transparency.

AJC 50th Anniversary Timeline

When customers choose our products, services, and solutions today, they also gain 50 years of experience and expertise.
Over the last 50 years we’ve grown with our customers. We’ve changed together as the world has changed: creating products, giving back, uplifting people, problem solving, innovating, testing, servicing and being at the forefront as a leader in an ever-changing industry.

If you have been part of our journey, we thank you!