AJC Group's 3P Diversification (People, Product, and Place) allows our team to be as diverse and successful as our global customers and suppliers. We provide retailers, distributors, and processors in 140 countries one-stop shopping for their refrigerated food needs. Our founders' foresight diversification as the key to our success and that of our partners.


Our ongoing and sustained growth as global food providers and logistics service providers enables our customers, suppliers, and partners' growth through new product offerings and new market destinations. Our associates are constantly seeking new opportunities for growth.


AJC’s Leadership Intelligence allows us to combine our years of experience with real-time market data to give our customers the leading edge in business development. Our unparalleled intelligence ensures market advantage for both our suppliers and our customers.


AJC drives Efficiency Empowerment by continually investing in our processes to offer our partners the best service in the industry. Lean and organized operations, including managing logistics and quality control in-house, ensures competitive pricing and achieves the best customer support available.


Information and technology are key to AJC’s service. Our Digital Responsiveness provides innovative solutions that create value for our partners. Inventory and order management solutions maximize both efficiency and cost effectiveness. AJC continues to invest aggressively to update our systems and platforms securely for our customers and partners.


At the AJC Group, we value every business with which we work as a partner. From our global suppliers and customers to ocean transport services and financial institutions, we want everyone to be successful. We know if we perform at high levels as top global food providers and logistics services providers, our business partners will as well.